Sing.  Write.  Speak Life.

Camille McMickle aka  "CamilleSings"

Camille has a heart for spreading the gospel and good news of Jesus Christ through her music and songwriting. Even from an early age, music and art has always been her passion.  She loves to sing-along with seniors and children, draw, paint, write and help others.
Her unique sound and style ranges from Neo-soul to the soulful sounds of Contemporary Gospel and Contemporary Christian.  With the unique twist of acoustic guitar, you can sing along and flow with her sound.

Camille's prayer is to be used as a vessel by God through her music and writing.   You can follow her message and musical journey starting from her debut album "Journey To Invisible" and her follow up album, "Invisible" and now "Journey to Worship" to be release September 25, 2021..  You can also join the journey through her blog, CamilleWrites and podcast, CamilleSpeaks.
Camille also just wrote her first book called, "Y Worship" that is to be released July 30, 2021.  

​Camille loves to encourage others to follow their dreams.  She reminds them that, "as long as you are alive and still breathing, you can do whatever God has called you to do in life and not just pursue, but actually do your dreams"!
Come follow the journey as CamilleSings!!!