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Stay Focused

Have you ever started something with the intentions of something great coming out of it?

I have, and then I think back and wonder why things never happened or why I haven't yet completed that project.

Can somebody shout....... DISTRACTIONS!!!

We must stay focused. Especially this year, especially during this season in the earth, and during these last days. There is someone out there waiting on you to share what God put in you. Whether it is a song, a book, a story, a spoken word piece, a piece of art, a message, a painting, a race to run, a championship game to win, whatever it might be! God wants to get the glory out of your life. That is why he gave each of us gifts. Some of us use them, some of us don't. Some of us use them a little, some of us make great strides and create awesome victories with what God put in us. It is in us, but we must not get distracted,derailed, or procrastinate. It is a slap in the face to Almighty God! There are breakthroughs, deliverance, knowledge, and a host of other things all tied up into what God placed in us.

So whatever it is that God put in you please get started today, even if it is something small or simple. Baby steps! I encourage you to be all that God created you to be. You might not know it but you were designed for greatness! Stay focused and don't let anything get you off your path of walking out your purpose that God has for you!

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