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I want my cake and to eat it too!

Have you ever heard the saying, "You must want your cake and to eat it too!" I have heard that statement alot in the past and never thought about how ridiculous it actually sounds. When I heard it recently, it struck a chord in my spirit and I said, you know what?

"I do want my cake and to eat it too! Why not?!?"

Why would I make a cake and not intend on eating it? We have been conditioned to accept the silly thoughts that the world hands us. The more I thought about, it the more I was determined in my mind that I would enjoy my cake by all means necessary!

I am a dreamer and I refuse to believe that God would want me to work on a dream that I could not fully appreciate or be apart of. I believe that God would want us to have that successful business and a wonderful family, to have that dream house and that loving spouse, that career and a loving family, be financially successful and have a awesome ministry. Like I said, I believe God wants us live in abundance! I believe this man made quote is to deceive us and trick us into believing that we can't have all that God promised us we could have. It is actually the opposite of what God says we can have in our lives.

I was watching a live on Periscope of a broadcaster named Mr. George Pitts and it was really good what he said about how we should approch our business, life and even our dreams that God promised us. He said, "Invest in yourself, Apply it, and have confidence that you can do it!" (check out his website

There is no reason why you can not make your dreams come true, help others, but also be able to enjoy the fruit of your labor. In other works enjoy your piece of the cake! Alot of us are pouring into others or into something, working hard for a company or investing in something that we will never truly get to be apart of the benefits. We get so busy fulfilling others dreams and visions that we neglect to fulfill what God told us to do. It is not being selfish and arrogant. It is being obedient to God and walking in our authority of what He has promised us. We can not believe the lie of the enemy that says we can not have it all because my God said we can have everything we ask for and desire when we are in His will.

Now I realize I am a child of God, a daughter of the most High King, a princess that deserves all that my Father God in heaven has told me I can have if I would just believe it! So I want to remind you today, to take your cake and eat it too!!!!


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