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Are You Worth Your Salt?

My pastor has been sharing a series about how we as Christians are the salt and light in this world. Then I began to think more about how salt is essential. Are we living up to what God has called us to do with our lives? Do we really know how valuable and essential we really are? We are valuable to God. So much so that God gave His only son to be sacrificed to pay for our salvation.

Salt is powerful, it will never expire, it stays the same and does not change, the ability to heal and even transform things.

Salt makes a impact when added to any substance. It changes that taste, the make up of the item it is put on or in, and it can add flavor. It can preserve. It makes a difference, and so should our lives in this world. God has called us to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and to share love in this dying world. We are the salt and the light and we should be the seasoning that will change this world. God has called us to do greater things and to love and go after those who are lost. We should be ready and know our worth as the salt of the earth.

Do we really know our value? Do we even know what it takes to know our worth. Sharing our light and knowing our worth takes dedication, commitment, passion for our purpose and determination with the intentional effort to share our salt. We must be intentional in pursuing God's purpose for our life. The will of God is found in the word of God so that is a good place to start when seeking how to effectively share our salt. You can not get the promises that God has for you without going through the process.

We must realize the value of our salt has nothing to do with us, or how great we are, talented, or how many great works we have accomplished. Our salt and light is all because of Jesus. We only shine because of His light that lives inside of us. If you don't have that shine and want it, all you have to do is seek Him, and ask for salvation and receive the free gift of salvation. Start by reading John 3:16, "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son so that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but shall have everlasting life". Wow! You then will have access to the Light of this world which is Jesus Christ!

Your salt should make a difference in this world by bringing Love, Hope, and Harmony! So know your worth of your salt and know that it is worth sharing that salt because God has called you worthy to do just that!

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