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When life throws you lemons make a Lemonade smoothie!

I have had a very difficult couple of weeks. One that was filled with victories and defeats, triumpets yet let downs. Through it all though, I can see that it is all in your perspective on how you view your situation or current status.

So I have been blessed to actually finish my assignment that God gave me with releasing my "Invisible" cd in the first half of 2019 which is exactly what God told me to do! Whoohoo! Yippeee! Yayyyy! Right? So in the mist of this great accomplishment and my feelings of being overjoyed and relieved that my duties were complete....the very week I sent my cd's off to be printed... I fell down some stairs in my home.... and thought I twisted my ankle... later to go to the ER a few days later to discover I actually fractured my fibula in my ankle! Yes...Yikes!

What? How did this happen? WHY did this happen? God wasn't I busy doing all the things I was called to do. Singing on the praise team and in 2 choirs at church, helping with the childrens ministry, singing at the coffeehouse, I mean I even did other outreach ministry things while working and tending to my family. So why the lemons? How did I get the dealt the bag of lemons I originally was thinking.

What I discovered is that everything happens for a reason. I believe that God is giving me this time to rest before I am about to get really busy as I have already seen things starting to book for later this year. Also, time to reset, I really have been going so much that I need to reset and meditate on what I need to be doing and getting a new focus. Preparing me. I was giving a word of prophecy to get ready financially for the influx that would be coming my way and I need to prepare so I won't feel overwhelmed. Also, just really, really, really being grateful and thankful for this new journey and level that God is about to shift me to. I can feel it. It is coming. I have a new look on the way I view things now.

Let me just say, I had a lady call me on Mother's day from my church and I could hardly understand her she was stuttering so bad. When I asked her what happened she began to tell me that when she fell a couple of months ago and hit her head her speach and talk has been like this ever since. I was shocked! I am praying for her complete healing and I know that God is able and will do it but it made me look at my own situation in a very different way.

Thank God I can still sing and play my music! That is my passion. Thank God he allowed me to finish my assignment. I appreciate my husband on a whole new level with how he has stepped up to help me with everything. We even get to talk more as he takes me to work and helps me in with my bags. My son is doing more chores lol. I just have been forced to relax and take it easy more. So even through my pain I have still been able to grow in my music, and appreciate life and my gift more. Yes I even have more time to practice my guitar and write.

You learn alot about yourself and how to improvise when basic things are temporarily different or taken away. You see I had to also be grateful and remember that this is just temporary for me but there are others who lose a leg or arm and it is permenant. So what am I complaining about?

I guess what I really wanted to share in this blog post is that I have changed my mind about my current situation. Yes I am inconvenienced for a moment of time in my life when I want to be busy sharing my cd with the world but at the same time I am getting reports of people that love my music through Itunes and online or social media so I am still sharing the gospel and my music with the world while being able to slow down and really reset and evaluate my next steps as my new journey begins.

I am going to use this time to really rest and get prepared. So when I heal, cause I know my God is going to heal me completely, I am going to be unstoppable!!!!

I am taking the lemons that were thrown at me on those steps and make me a lemonade smoothie as I sit under a shade tree and relax. Yes I said smoothie because it will be even better than a regular lemonade! Believe that!!!! God is still good and he amazes me everyday! I am just learning how to get a new prespective in everything that happens along my journey of life! You should do the same! Raise your lemonade smoothies up and enjoy! Cheers!

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