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The PotHoles of Life

We had a really bad winter here and it required alot of salt treatment to be put on our streets. Now we have been seeing the results of just how much those chemicals tear up the roads. There are potholes everywhere! There is even reports of car places have a large number of increased customers coming in to get their cars fixed due to... you guessed it hitting a pothole.

I have been very careful to make sure that I am paying attention and more careful as I am driving lately. I was thinking about it the other day as I was driving home from work. I saw the car in front of me hit a pothole. The person was on their phone and not really paying attention. When I saw them hit the pothole I was able to avoid it. Then it something dropped in my spirit, this is the season for us to beaware and on guard and in tune of what is going on in with God in the spirit.

When we are in tune with God he will give us discernment and help us go around and navigate around the potholes of life. Sometimes those potholes can be difficult to see also. Like at night, when it rains and the hole fills up with water, or even if we are following to close to someone and it comes upon us fast. Such is life! We should not be following others we need to keep our eyes on Jesus. We should not be rushing trying to do things our way but God's way. We should also be paying attention to the times so that we can use wisdom and follow the Holy Spirit.

You know another thing. Once I went certian ways and knew there was a big pothole in a certain spot, I made sure to make a mental not and be aware of my surroundings. We need to be like that with our lives spiritually. Know and recognize the devices of them enemy! Make sure we are prayed up and prepared. We will save ourself alot of grief, money and open doors once and even our very lives by being aware of life's potholes and traps the enemy sets for us.

Once you do this one day you will be driving along in your spiritual life and see that the pothole has been filled by the Holy Spirit and it is no longer a issue. That is great but always know that it is important to stay connected and in tuned with the one who can help us navigate our lives!

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