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Action Required

Attention: Action Required. Have you seen this statement before? Maybe on a announcement, a bill, an invitation of some kind. This statement is usually used to let someone know that there is a deadline that is coming due soon or that there is an urgency to complete something very soon.

I am writing this blog to send out my own message and reminder to all who will read this blog, that there is "Action Required" in some part of your life. What in your life have you put on the back burner or up on a shelf to collect dust. Sometimes it is not even intentional that we are not taking action, because life gets busy or unplanned circumstances happen that keep us from completing our assignments or pursuing our dreams. God has given us everything we need to complete or do whatever it is that He created us to do in the journey of our life. What are you waiting for? What is stopping you from taking action? Time? Money? Unsure of a direction? Lack of confidence?

News flash lots of us have those same issues and challenges. The difference between those who take action and those who don't is simply the choice to actually take action.

I know for me I spent a long time running from my gift. Doubting my gift. Then not believing in what God could do with my gift. Even ignoring or putting off the calling that I had on my life. What I mean by ignoring my gift, is that during the journey of my life I was always getting messages, prophesies, words of encouragement along the way, no doubt sent by God, but until I believed what God had put in me they were just words. You see, I couldn't envision all that God had planned for me. I had to believe it in order for me to actually take action on what I knew I heard God telling me to do. I knew it was important to use the gifts God had put in me but it was easy to make excuses and not be intentional about taking action when I didn't really believe that I could be used by God the way I had been told.

When we have a gift but we aren't intentional about taking action to use them nothing will happen with them. You can be gifted and have this wonderful gift, but when you don't use it, what purpose will it serve. It is time to take action in regards to whatever gift God has given you. Even if you don't know what to do or even if you can do it, just get started right where you are with what you have.

In January 2019, I heard God say it was time to complete my CD project. For those of you who do not know my testimony, my CD project was a miracle. It was the worst time possible that I thought to pursue this assignment. I had been praying in 2018 for God to release me to do something amazing with my music. I didn't know what or how it would come to past. Long story short, when God told me my assignment and that it was to be completed in the first half of the year I knew I had to get busy! I knew I had to take action! It was already half way through January and some CD projects can take years sometimes to complete. I felt a sense of urgency and it lit a fire under me to take the first step and take action. At the time I was only working part time and had nothing saved towards trying to pursue what God had for me in my music ministry. What I saw as impossible I had to change my mindset in order to move and take action to trust and believe that God could do the impossible. What I began to realize the more grew in my faith and I got closer to my heavenly Father is that He has no limits or boundaries and His thoughts and ways are not like our thoughts and ways. We are the children of the most High God so we have access to everything thing God says we can have. God can do the IMPOSSIBLE!!!

God showed me during this time of pursuing and completing my assignment, that I had to trust Him on a whole new level. I had to also believe in what He put in me, and I also had to take ACTION! God granted miracle after miracle and blessing after blessing in

order to provide for everything I needed just to complete what He called me to do. However, I realize later that it took me walking out on faith and taking action. Just like the word of God says, Faith without works is dead. Without the money, without the confidence, with out knowing all the details of how I could get it done. Action was required!

So I want to encourage someone today to trust God and what He has put in you. Begin to make a plan and take action on pursuing and doing whatever it is God has called you to do. Action is required. It is time to believe, move and take action! I was amazed at the doors God opened for my ministry and gift once I made up my mind to trust Him and take action!

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