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Begin to Believe, Go After your Dreams!

When you think about your dreams what comes to mind? Even more, what do you think about when you think of accomplishing your BIG dream? You know, what is that dream that seems impossible to achieve? I am here today to encourage you to begin to believe and go after your dreams. Whatever it is. Do it today! Why wait?!!! Whatever it is that has kept you stuck, whether it was fear, doubt, lack, low self-esteem, or even rejection, let it go today and pick up the faith to believe! Ask the Holy Spirit to give you the power today to push past the fear and knock down that wall of fear and begin to believe God and walk in your dreams!

Sometimes when our dreams are so BIG we feel unworthy to fulfill them. The truth is, we are all unworthy of the gifts and promises that God has given us. The truth is you will never be worthy to accomplish your dreams in your own power and strength.

In Exodus 3:10 when God began to tell Moses what his assignment was and what he was called to do, Moses could not even imagine himself fulfilling what God called him to do. Moses said, "Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh, and that I shall bring the children of Israel out of Egypt? Moses felt so unworthy. Here he was someone who found out he was not a prince nor did he belong to the family in the palace. He thought he belonged to this family but found out it was not the truth and that he actually was apart of the race that was enslaved. He murdered a man and fled the scene of the crime. He also felt unable and inadequate to fulfill the dream and the promise God created him to accomplish on this earth because of his speech. Do we allow our fear and insecurities to keep us from growing and doing our dreams? Moses then said, "O my Lord, I am not eloquent, I am slow of speech and slow of tongue." He looked for every excuse and even asked God to chose someone else. Don't allow any of your own abilities to keep you stuck or keep you from pursuing and doing your dream! We have to realize that no matter what it looks like to us, God CHOSE us! God's thoughts are not like our thoughts so we have to ask God to help us see ourselves the way He sees us.

There is good news for dreamers because, those who trust in God, know that our success does not rest in what we can do, but in what God WILL DO!!!

God had already put the gift in Moses and He gave him the ability to do his dream and what he was created to do. Moses just needed to believe God. We must trust God in this season to work His promises out through us. Moses was uniquely chosen for his mission. The thing is Moses has to believe in what God had promised him. Matthew 21:22, All things, whatever you ask in Prayer, believing, you will receive." If God said He would help us, our victory is guarantee! When you realize that you are not worthy to do your dream and that your BIG dream can only be accomplished with God it takes away the pressure for you to fulfill it on your own. You can boldly pursue your dreams and go after them with the confidence that God is on your side, He will back you up and He made you a promise and He does not lie so He will help you accomplish ever dream. God loves to choose the weak, the unworthy, and those who seem unable to be great dreamers like you and I so that He can do amazing things through us!

When we know that it is God that works through us this should help us get past the fear of not being good enough, strong enough, or even able enough to accomplish our dreams. When we are feeling uncomfortable and uneasy when moving in our dreams remember that God is on our side and cheering us on!

So, Ready, Set, Go..... dream BIG and remember you have been CHOSEN and equipped to do your dreams!

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