Drop the waste and Enjoy the journey!

I love my dog Kody and I have been getting much needed exercise these last couple of months by walking him daily. The reason why I have been having to walk him is because I used to actually just walk him occasionally but I would allow him to just roam free in our back yard. He loved it and had free reign in our back yard. Then he started jumping the fence to join my neighbors three dogs and they love each other and it was one big happy pack. The problem came when he started to jump their fence. Then it became more dangerous and not safe for him to be roaming out there. I'm saying all of that because it will have purpose later once I make my point about how we began having what I call our daily journey.

You see every day Kody starts out so on the hunt for new smells and new little animals or critters that might be lurking. He likes to sniff and running and dig. He has a ball! What I notice though is that about 15 minutes into our journey he will start needing to go....you know...poo. To be polite. So I see him searching and searching as if he is trying to find the perfect spot. I think to myself, just go on and get it out already! I mean I just really started watching one day and it was quite annoying. He would search and search and then seem to find a good spot, I would even see the poop start making its way and then he would pull it back in and uncomfortably keep searching as if that spot wasn't good enough to poop and he could find a better spot! Really??? It amazed me because he would walk around which seems like in a uncomfortable start for most of our walk and then finally when we are heading home he would finally find a spot (when he can no longer hold it) and I guess where the grass is just right to drop the waste. He then would run and scoot his feet and skip happily along because he feels great to have drop the waste and be free but then our walk is almost over.