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Why it is important to be Yourself!

First of all no one can be a better YOU than you! God made you unique , special, and one of a kind! Don't waste your time trying to be someone else! You will be frustrated and disappointed when you try to be someone you were not created to be. So take a deep breath and just unapologtically and authnentically be you!

I read a Mark Twain quote the other day that resignated with me. It said, "The two most important days of your life is the day you were born and the day you find out why." I believe that it so true. Once I found my passion and what gave me unspeakable joy, peace and happiness it changed my life and my perspective and I began pursuing that dream and calling with all that was within me. If the above isn't enough let me just share 4 reasons why I believe it is so important that you be yourself.


There is something amazing and priceless about the joy and peace that just being yourself will bring to you. It settles your spirit when you know you are fulfilling your assignment and calling of what you were created to do. I love what I do and I believe God gave me a passion for it. It is a joy that I could not buy. Each and everyone of us are so different and unique that there is no one or nothing that can duplicate you or what measure of joy you can obtain just by authnetically being you and who you were created to be.


Being will be easy! Possibly the easiest thing you will ever do. It will come natural. When you love what you do it will not feel like working or a chore. It will be fun, you will have a passion and you will be equipped to do whatever it is that you were gifted and created to do. It will flow out of you like the rivers of living water. So just take it easy and be you!


Your gifts are not for you. They are for others. God gave you your gifts to bless others. There is someone somewhere waiting for you to share your gift. No matter WHAT it is. A kind word, a beautiful song, a word of life, a amazing picture, a great hairdo, a nice poem, whatever you have to share with the world. Your gift will be a blessing to someone. If you don't do what you were called to do someone will never have what you were meant to give them. There will be a gift missing in the universe when you are out doing what someone else is doing and not what you are called to do. So don't focus on what someone else is doing pray and ask God to reveal what you are called to do. If you know what you are called and created to do just make sure you are doing it!


Being who you were created to be will give you a feeling of accomplishment. There is peace in knowing that you are walking in your calling and doing what you were created to do by sharing your unique gifts. Nothing can fill in that part of your heart that God had design to be filled by what you were destine and created to do. I want to feel fulfilled in my life what about you?

So I will unapologetically and completely authentically be myself. I don't have the time or energy to be someone else. Besides, like I said at the beginning, no one can be better at being me than me!!!

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